M.O.B. TOUR STOP #10 – 10-BALL

Play is open to all skill levels and the tournament will use a tiered bracket system.  Players all sign up and they will placed in up to four tiered brackets according to their FargoRating.  The top 25% will advance to a Single Elimination Tiered bracket to play out to the finals.  All matches are handicapped using one of two race charts depending on which bracket you are in.

There is no robustness minimum for the tour stops. Player’s ratings with less than 200 games are subject to Tournament Director review. Players with no games in FargoRate will be assigned a Starter a rating from the TD and this will be reviewed throughout the event.

$60 entry fee (includes $11 GF/TD/Admin fee plus $2 towards tour finale) as long as entry is paid by the Friday before the event at 8:00 PM.  Entries paid onsite are $70.  Optional sidepots of $20

The event is finished.

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